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Advertising & Design

When you really think about it, everyone is part of the creative department and plays a vital role – from brand strategists and media folks, to the usual suspects of copywriters, art directors, designers, and interactive specialists. It begins with the big idea and then figuring out the smartest ways to deliver that brand promise.

The line between art and science gets skillfully blurred when it comes to breathing digital life into your brand. The choreography between designers, information architects, developers and SEO mavens is as beautiful to watch as the finished work itself.
Loomis Labs

Some refer to it as our R&D department. Others as Dr. Frankenstein’s workshop. This is where we let our talented developers color outside the lines to discover new ways to serve your brand. Loomis Labs is on the forefront, thinking beyond the ad to develop proprietary tools, apps and technology platforms.

Internet Video

Patrick Hampton to Loomis Group for Job #23018 Google Enterprise Search Motion Graphic

Polite and prompt correspondence. Patient in a less than ideal remote recording situation, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Matt and the whole team at Loomis!

Sep 17, 2010