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About Us

Our Mission
"With your help, we can win this fight"
At MedSafe - we are ON A MISSION!

5 Million Homes Secured by 2011!

We believe talking to kids about drugs is great,
but relieving them of the temptation in the medicine cabinet is better.

We believe that if more kids end up at parties with empty pockets saying sorry guys, my parents have a MedSafe. I’ve got nothing, we could beat this problem.

We believe the Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Problem needs more attention. That is why we offer MedSafe exclusively through organizations, groups, and charities. We would rather “push back” profits to the groups that will do some good with them.

We believe kids need more education on the consequences of prescription drug abuse. The secret killer is that kids think they’re safe because they’re legal! ”But I saw all the good things it can do on television. If it were bad they wouldn't let it be advertised.”

We believe no parent should ever have to hear words like “I know she only took one. I’m sorry for your loss.” We believe that one day we will look back at a time when prescription drugs were not locked up, as we now look back at the times when seats belts were not required – “what were we thinking?!”

We hope you join us in our mission to Help Save Our Kids!

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    / 5 Robert West to MedSafe for Job #33367 MedSafe Infomercial Offer Good Client, easy to work with, knows the advertising field.
    Mar 28, 2011