Anthony Van Horn

unknown Redlands, California, US

About Us

I'm a graduate student in pyschology. I'm doing graduate research in pyscology testing verbal emotional stress. This test will be designed to test the mental state of subjects before, during and after hearing a dialogue filled with words that have strong emotional bias. The dialogue is designed to enduse strong emotional reactions through the use of key words. The dialogue is intentionally dramatic and mean to see if the words can change the emotional state of the subjects. The students will also analyze the situation in various ways. This will be presented to about two hundred students and graduate students in controlled small groups. I use the loss of an animal by devisive means as the stimulus for my experiment. I am a horse person and so I draw on my own life and horse to create a believable dilogue. This dialogue helps preclude any previous experience with the loss of a loved one through death. A person is the summary of their experiences. I need a voice that is an opposite of mine to provide a more dramatic difference in the dialogue. I have a low male voice. I need a voice from a person that is outside my testing pool to make sure there is no contamination of the subjects.


Dev Bootcamp, Graduate to unknown for Job #105085 Psychology Research Project

Jun 9, 2014