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We are Neko Studio, a team of dedicated artists focused on making high quality audiovisual material. We seek to provide artistic vision and creative innovation, keeping in mind that the message is what matters most in every project.


Nicholas Ammann to Neko Studio for Job #356582 Aris Global V.O.

Oct 9, 2019


Voice Overs by Brett Olsen to Neko Studio for Job #320214 Lennar Explainer video


Jan 25, 2019


Duda Baguera to Neko Studio for Job #308473 Sony Upfront Video

Great project, clear directions. A real pleasure working with Neko!

Oct 19, 2018


Michael Bridges to Neko Studio for Job #291306 Atreus God of War impression

Fun Job and a pleasure to work with!! I hope to partner up again in the near future.

Jul 24, 2018