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Spawn Ideas (formerly Nerland Agency) is an employee-owned, independent advertising agency with nearly 40 years of experience developing and executing successful communications campaigns.

Our team hails from all over the country - and have come together with brave spirit to live their wildest dreams. A place where you can have an incredible career in advertising - but also do on a weekend what most people just hope they have an opportunity to experience in a lifetime. Our world is exhilarating and exciting. We truly live the dream. So be brave – and come join us on the adventure.


Brent Miller to Spawn Ideas for Job #407220 Telecom "Less Stressful" Radio - Character Voice 20-GCI-1820

Great client, very easy to work with.

Aug 11, 2020


LLC to Spawn Ideas for Job #393120 Alaska DOT Safety Radio-Male 19-DOT-0010

Spawn Ideas is truly a top-notch, professional Team. It was a pleasure working with them!

May 21, 2020


Keri Robinson to Spawn Ideas for Job #386979 19-DOT-0420 - COVID Response Campaign

It was a pleasure working with Andy on this. He was personable and professional and made sure to keep me updated throughout which was appreciated.

Apr 16, 2020


Adam Dowling to Spawn Ideas for Job #383728 20-NRIM-0131 Northrim Proud to be AK Radio

Apr 11, 2020


Scott William to Spawn Ideas for Job #369309 19-GCI-4556 Loyalty Radio :30

wonderful and professional in every way! a real pleasure, thanks again! id work with them in a heartbeat!

Jan 6, 2020


Michael Bryan to Spawn Ideas for Job #369307 Exasperated Dad 20-GCI-2010

Dec 23, 2019


Vegas Jenkins to Spawn Ideas for Job #355112 Sprint Lifter 19-TAC-0059

Nov 25, 2019


RW Talent LLC to Spawn Ideas for Job #355113 Zoomballer 19-TAC-0059

A real pleasure - thanks for the opportunity!

Oct 9, 2019


2013 to Spawn Ideas for Job #355869 RAVN Air 2019 PFD Sale Radio

Always a pleasure!

Sep 25, 2019


Tatiana Tremblay to Spawn Ideas for Job #356011 2019 University of Alaska TV/Radio

I Always love a client that knows exactly what they want and is quick, efficient and a fantastic director. Thank you & I look forward to the next project! It was a pleasure!

Sep 20, 2019


2013 to Spawn Ideas for Job #350340 19-RAVN-0120 Swoopstakes Radio - UPDATE

Very happy to work with this talented team again!

Aug 20, 2019


William Rice to Spawn Ideas for Job #346322 Boss_19-GCI-1478

Very professional and great to work with!

Aug 13, 2019


Trueblood Voice Talent to Spawn Ideas for Job #346319 Mother/Grandma_19-GCI-1478

Great working with you! FIVE STARS!!!

Aug 12, 2019


Amy Weis Voice Overs to Spawn Ideas for Job #346318 Wife_19-GCI-1478

Awesome! Quick and fun - thanks for the opportunity!

Aug 5, 2019

Internet Video

Sarah Miller-Crews to Spawn Ideas for Job #336272 SweetLeaf Pre-Roll :15

Jul 17, 2019


Michael Capra to Spawn Ideas for Job #320420 19-GCI-2102 METRO MILLENNIAL MAN 2 - 1 x :30 Radio

I worked with Spawn Ideas on the Metro Millennial Man ad. They were very friendly & easy going, as well as direct & clear with what they needed. The script was a fun read, the session went smoothly and payment was prompt. Overall a great working experience. Look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jun 28, 2019

Movie Trailers

Chris Ackerman to Spawn Ideas for Job #341878 19-GCI-1602 Cinema Video

Great client. This company is the real deal. They know how to treat their clients AND their talent!

Jun 24, 2019


Stonewall Communications to Spawn Ideas for Job #308333 18-GCI-2702 1 x :30 RADIO TRIPLE DEVICE FORMATION

Jun 18, 2019


2013 to Spawn Ideas for Job #339380 19-RAVN-2001-June Sweepstakes

The team worked really hard to meet this client's needs and I'm glad I could play a part! Great project, great work, super nice people!

Jun 7, 2019


voamME Services Inc. to Spawn Ideas for Job #327866 Healthcare Announcer 18-FHP-0203

Thanks again Andy, it was great working with you!

May 31, 2019