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Internet Video

Kateri Rose to for Job #344633 Nature's Ultra Mainstage Video

Jan 13, 2020

Internet Video

Rena Loveman to for Job #350801 Chargers LUX - Promotional Video Voice Over

Very pleasant and easy to work with!

Nov 4, 2019


Bailey Brown to for Job #349280 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Brand Voice

Such an exciting project to work on!

Oct 22, 2019

Internet Video

Elysia Rotaru to for Job #350170 *RUSH* Conference Voice Over - Female - Serious. Epic. 30 Seconds.

Great experience!! Thanks so much!!

Oct 15, 2019


Sandy Thomas Productions to for Job #347020 American Prairie | Informational Video | 2 Minute VO | Help us make an impact!

great script, terrific team to engage with

Oct 10, 2019


Elysia Rotaru to for Job #346004 Internal Animated Product Demo Voice Over - Confident and Conversational

Thanks so much to the entire team for everyone's good, solid work on this one! Very much appreciated!!

Sep 23, 2019

Internet Video

Jean Ann Douglass to for Job #350548 In-House Focus | Knowledge Hub

Sep 12, 2019


Voice - Jingles - Pro Audio. to for Job #348190 Spanish Educational Voice Over - Driving Instruction

Thank you very much to I have no words to recommend VOICES.COM



Juan Carlos Jaramillo R.
Voice - Jingles - Pro Audio

Aug 29, 2019


AbramsCPA to for Job #348630 1 Year Regional TV Spot - Rooms 2 Go

Thanks for the opportunity! Again!

Aug 24, 2019


Eastwood Audio Productions to for Job #346581 :30 Regional and :60 National Radio Spots -

Nich is a rockstar in every way!

Aug 21, 2019

Internet Video

Nicole Roca to for Job #343416 Brand Film Voice Over - Male or Female - Young. Confident. Playful but Serious.

Aug 8, 2019


Giselle Rasquinha to for Job #344912 Conference Software Single Line Read

Aug 8, 2019


Evaleon Hill to for Job #336135 Conference Software Demo - Asian English Female

Helpful and timely in providing feedback and assistance.

Jul 17, 2019


Jim Merkel Voice Imaging to for Job #343104 2 Minute Explainer Video - Upbeat North American Male

amazing to work for

Jul 16, 2019

Telephone to for Job #341961 Phone Greeting

Jul 15, 2019


Maya Tuttle, Inc. to for Job #341296 Technical Explainer Video | Professional | Female |

Great working with you! Thank you!

Jul 12, 2019


Dan Gold to for Job #343487 Trade Show Video North American Male Voice Over - Masculine. Intelligent. Inspirational.

Thanks, Nich, for hooking me up with this client! Sweeeeet job!!
Great writing and a beautiful little movie for my narration!!
More please!!!

Jul 12, 2019


Bryan Olson Media to for Job #341416 Male Spanish | Non-Broadcast | Instructional Video

Great direction, great communication, fantastic to work with! I'm looking forward to the next one. It's always a pleasure!

Jun 28, 2019


Sandra Osborne to for Job #341121 30 Second Local Radio Ad - Bathroom Revitalization

It was a pleasure! Thank you so much!

Jun 25, 2019


unknown to for Job #339089 Internal Pump Up Video - 60 seconds

Great experience! Very easy to work with. Thanks!

Jun 18, 2019