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KATHERIN VASILOPOULOS to DCL LTD. for Job #96196 Requires Greek native speaker (female voice)

Thanks Paul for hiring me to work on your Greek voiceover. Great working with you, clear instructions and timelines. All the best! Katherin

Feb 28, 2014


Lukasz Klinke to DCL LTD. for Job #96991 Requires Polish native speaker

Very good contact and very nice person. It was a pleasure to work together!!

Feb 26, 2014


Jessica Carroll to DCL LTD. for Job #84171 Requires Irish English native speaker

It was really easy to work with Alex. He provided me with a clear script and all the details I needed. I hope we work together again!

Aug 29, 2013

Internet Video

COOL BLAH BLAH to DCL LTD. for Job #83049 Requires German native speaker (female voice)

Reactive, proactive, clear instructions, a pleasure to work with!

Aug 20, 2013

Internet Video to DCL LTD. for Job #82815 Requires Italian native speaker (female voice)

Thank you so much! Interesting job.. Looking forward to work together again!

Aug 20, 2013


Liliana Neves to DCL LTD. for Job #82486 Requires Portuguese native speaker (female voice)

Wonderful to work with Alex!
Professional and very clear!

Aug 13, 2013

Internet Video

Holmen Studios to DCL LTD. for Job #82766 Requires Spanish native speaker (female voice)

Clear instructions and great communication. A placer to work with Alex!

Aug 10, 2013

Internet Video

Nathalie MATHIEU to DCL LTD. for Job #82326 Requires French native speaker (female voice), 700 words

Very good instructions and communication ! I really enjoyed working with Alex ! Thanks

Aug 6, 2013

Internet Video

ACE Language Ltd. to DCL LTD. for Job #82336 Chinese native speaker (female young adult voice)

Alex is so nice to work with, and always give prompt answers to my questions, which is be of great help with the project!

Aug 3, 2013


Bryony Rowling to DCL LTD. for Job #82037 Requires US english native speaker (female voice), 500 words

Alex is the MAN! Fabulous client, super direction and fast payment! Thanks, Alex! :)

Jul 25, 2013