Paul Newman


About Us

Lighthouse is a high tech company in the Silicon Valley. We manufacture air particulate counters for use in semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Jon Carter to Lighthouse for Job #84844 LWS Video Series - ScanAirPro

Thanks to Paul for a smooth process. Everything went perfectly.

Sep 10, 2013


Jon Carter to Lighthouse for Job #81773 Lighthouse Corporate Video

Working with Paul was an excellent experience!

Aug 20, 2013


Aaron Bowers to Lighthouse for Job #57503 Legendary Masters Documentary

May 25, 2013


VOJM to Lighthouse for Job #56256 Lighthouse Handheld Getting Started

Burning the midnight oil on a first job was easy with Paul.

May 17, 2012


Dave Pettitt Voice Overs Inc. to Lighthouse for Job #42565 Icon of Success PR Video

Really appreciate Paul's patience. I was on a road trip and almost impossible to get a hold of. Paul showed real professionalism.

Oct 28, 2011