Philip Ramage

Philip Ramage

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I have written an E-book, which is based around a unique diagram I have designed with the express purpose of making the selection of which accounts should be chosen to be adjusted to achieve any desired result in any enterprise’s financial records an whether the chosen accounts should be debited or credited whether a manual or a computerized system is in use. This book is targeted towards:

* New accounting or bookkeeping students
* More advanced accounting or bookkeeping students
* Owners and managers of SMEs
* Clerical Staff who wish to further their careers
* Anyone else who has an intrest in, or a need to understand double-entry bookkeeping.

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Nightforce International Productions, Night Voices to Philip Ramage for Job #29231 A very brief resume

The Gentleman was straight and to the point about what he wanted and I was happy to oblige him! I'm glad I was able to accommodate his vocal needs within the time he needed it!

Dec 18, 2010