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Our current media has focused primarily on telling the story of the struggle, not the solution. We have allowed these stories to influence the way that we see the world. These stories of struggle may have been entertaining, but has the media enhanced your own quest for a happier, healthier life?

A change is in the wind. A new interest in mental and spiritual wellness has hit the planet, and the scales have begun to balance. Soon, technology and consciousness will go hand and hand. A trend of using technology to advance the human spirit has begun. To contribute to that end, our production company has made a commitment to produce enlightened media. Television shows, broadcasts, music, and meditations are produced regularly that engage the human imagination in the quest for growth and completion. All of our programming is designed as a support tool to help expand consciousness and make mindful living something that comes effortlessly.


Aaron Bowers to LifeParticle TV for Job #75169 A Film that Wants to Change the World

May 25, 2013


kellie fitzgerald to LifeParticle TV for Job #75913 Kellie :: Life Particle Meditaion Voice Over

really enjoyed the script and concept and honored to have been remembered by a prior audition for client. Welcome the chance to work together again!

Apr 22, 2013


Eastwood Audio Productions to LifeParticle TV for Job #75720 ***RUSH*** The little film that wanted to change the world

Apr 19, 2013


BRADY HALES to LifeParticle TV for Job #73645 Film for CHANGE

Apr 15, 2013


BRADY HALES to LifeParticle TV for Job #75471 Additional Script for Change Film

Rebecca is such an enthusiastic person and one of the best clients you could work for. You'll find quickly that Rebecca brightens your day with the care and concern she takes in making one's job as a voice talent as smooth as possible.

Thank you!

Brady Hales

Apr 15, 2013