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Small Ad Agency in San Francisco

Internet Video

Voices By Jamie Hill, Inc. to Rob Keil for Job #387335 Theory Internet Spot FEMALE

Awesome Client -- Highly recommended!!


Jul 30, 2020

Internet Video

Keith Barbaria to Rob Keil for Job #387051 Bottle Bank Explainer Video

It was a pleasure working with Rob. Precise and friendly in his direction. Would gladly work with him again.

May 27, 2020

Internet Video

Gary Williams to Rob Keil for Job #390301 Peninsula Regent Virtual Tour VO PR-328

People you always want to work with....Know what they want....give you good direction and then step back and let you do your thing.

May 8, 2020

Internet Video

Sandra Osborne to Rob Keil for Job #353017 Shea Connect Female Voice

Great experience! Thank you so much! -Sandra Osborne

Sep 30, 2019

Internet Video

Rex Anderson, Voice Actor to Rob Keil for Job #349540 Shea Connect Video

Aug 28, 2019


Joy Lyn Shaw VO, LLC to Rob Keil for Job #339024 Shea Lark Hill Storytime Digital Radio ANNOUNCER

Jun 27, 2019


RW Talent LLC to Rob Keil for Job #333073 Shea Homes Sage Web/Digital Radio

What a pleasure working with Rob- thanks!

May 3, 2019

Internet Video

Amber Lee Connors to Rob Keil for Job #319460 Baker Ranch Web Radio and Web Video

An absolute pleasure to work with! :)

Jan 28, 2019


DJR Voice Over to Rob Keil for Job #272991 Dog Home Tour

Excellent experience! Thanks again!!!

Mar 2, 2018

Internet Video

Amy Weis Voice Overs to Rob Keil for Job #266937 Home Intelligence Video

Awesome working with Rob! Great direction, super person too!

Jan 24, 2018


Rosemary Watson to Rob Keil for Job #237157 Veggie Burger Voiceovers

Easy and fun people to work with. Thank you for the job and for hiring me for a GREAT product. All the best. I hope they fly off the shelves!

Jul 21, 2017