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Robert Olsen is a very unique team of professionals that specializes in working with wealthy families, extraordinary entrepreneurs and successful real estate investors.

Through a series of "Unique Processes," we guide our clients through specialized exercises and conversations that clarify what's truly important to them. We then help them define and envision their own extraordinary view of the future, complete with all of their significant financial and life goals and objectives.

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VoicePro to Robert Olsen Wealth Group for Job #17103 Ben Franklin Audio Project

Quite an enjoyable experience, if a little presumptive of me to imagine how
Ben Franklin might have spoken. But Robert and I worked well together, and
he seems excited about the prospects of using this device to promote his
expertise and services...and of course I've added it to my pile of long-form
narrations, thanks to his kindness in providing me with a completed version
of the project. I'd love to do more of this kind of work. -- Bill

Oct 10, 2011


Eben Fowler to Robert Olsen Wealth Group for Job #8159 Making A Difference Audio Book Project

Bob was prompt in communicating the information I needed to complete his project. I would be pleased to work with him again.

Jun 26, 2008