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Lizardo Carvajal was born in 1979 in Cali, Colombia. He has dedicated himself to the artistic production of music and children’s and youth literature since 2005. His work is characterized by simple and refreshing stories which bring children and adults to raise profound life questions. His stories are filled with imagination and offer limitless didactic and pedagogic tools.

He currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he writes and illustrates his books in his “Bird Workshop”. To read more about the author, visit his website at:


Michal Kaim to Lua Books for Job #206485 Kolumbia

Sama przyjemność :)

Feb 6, 2017


Larry Wayne to Lua Books for Job #213426 The Strange Man

Love the subject matter in Lizardo's books! Would be honored to narrate another one!

Dec 23, 2016


Beau Spinks to Lua Books for Job #114179 Bogotá Convention Bureau

It was a pleasure to work with Lizardo.

Beau Spinks

Aug 7, 2014


THE VOICE OF BRAZIL to Lua Books for Job #92422 O Pássaro dos Mil Cantos

Great Thanks!

Apr 27, 2014


Larry Wayne to Lua Books for Job #80464 Malaika the princess

What a beautiful project! Lizardo was organized and very encouraging! Would love to help him again!

Feb 8, 2014


International Productions P. Casas to Lua Books for Job #87595 El Pájaro de los mil cantos

So great our full development done. Mi estimado Lizardo, muy agradecido por sus consideraciones.
Thank you so much for all, sir.

Oct 12, 2013


Damien Faity Rougier to Lua Books for Job #80469 Malaika Français

Very professional, and taking care of everything.
A pleasure to work like this.

Jul 17, 2013


Gold Media Corporation to Lua Books for Job #55694 The Bird of a 1000 songs

rating overlooked before "Great"

Mar 12, 2013