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SCORCCiO is the leader in sample replay services. Specialists in vocal sound-alikes, re-recordings of Pop / Dance / Rock / R&B music from 1955 - 2012…. you name it, we can remake it. Over 500 replays since 1996, for Producers, Artists, Music and Media companies world-wide. Clients such as; Pitbull, Sony, Bob Sinclar, Universal - amongst many others have used our unique services. We have a global network of studios, vocalists and musicians in London, Barcelona and New York. Always on the search for versatile and dedicated voice talent to include in our expanding database and satisfy high demand.

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Nightforce International Productions, Night Voices to SCORCCiO Sample Replays for Job #54345 Eddie Murphy Sound-alike

I thank you for the great opportunity to challenge my ability and talent and am very happy that you are pleased with the result. As a voice artist, I work to give what I got and give a lot more it need be! I look forward to doing more work with you and anyone else you can send my way. Again, my thanks for the opportunity to work with you!

Apr 26, 2012