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Scott William to APS for Job #345101 Powering Arizona

real pros... thanks again, i appreciate it... a real pleasure!

Aug 2, 2019


Samantha Glovin to APS for Job #333165 2018 Highlight

Pleasure working with you Shayla!

May 14, 2019


The Mailroom to APS for Job #333164 Energy

Apr 16, 2019


Sarah Pesek to APS for Job #330596 Battery Innovation Project

Great interaction with APS and would love to work with them again!

Apr 9, 2019


voamME Services Inc. to APS for Job #325275 T&D External

Feb 27, 2019


Clark Sarullo to APS for Job #294146 Arizona 2

It was a pleasure working for this company! I hope to do it again. Clear direction and great communication.

Aug 17, 2018


voamME Services Inc. to APS for Job #286378 Customer Service

May 23, 2018


Michael Thompson Brown to APS for Job #281483 Tour Visit

May 22, 2018


to APS for Job #234346 Filling out the application

Great working with you Shayla! Thanks again.

Jul 6, 2017


voamME Services Inc. to APS for Job #237841 Battery Storage

Working with Shayla was great! Thanks again!!

Jul 5, 2017


Bryan Kopta to APS for Job #220553 Plant Update

Thanks, Shayla! It was a pleasure working together again. Looking forward to the next one!

All the best,

Bryan Kopta

Mar 13, 2017


Bob Worthington Voice-Overs to APS for Job #215785 New Business Year

Great to work with on your vo project, Shayla!
Lets do it again, soon!

Jan 31, 2017


Michella Moss to APS for Job #182576 Arizona Asian Community

Jul 14, 2016


Jonathan Lowry to APS for Job #178799 Protecting Information

Excellent to work with. Provided clear feedback for edits in a timely manner.

Apr 26, 2016


Tia Sorensen Voice-Over to APS for Job #175475 Your A/C

Loved working with Shayla! Good communication and direction. Looking forward to working with her again.

Mar 15, 2016


Bobby Butler Voice Artist to APS for Job #175264 Reliability Short

Great project! Lots of fun and Shayla makes it quick and easy!

Mar 11, 2016


Danielle Fornes to APS for Job #175475 Your A/C

Mar 4, 2016

Internet Video

Dean Wendt Productions to APS for Job #132536 Solar Program

Great working with you!

Mar 12, 2015