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Internet Video

Dan Ott to NOV for Job #413426 BLM - tensioning equipment for floating production units

Clear direction and easy to work with. Thank you!

Sep 30, 2020

Internet Video

WGN-AM to NOV for Job #387709 NOV sister companies APL

Great direction and super easy to work with...thanks so much!

Apr 30, 2020


Dean Wendt Productions to NOV for Job #359402 Cylinder Hoisting Ring – Hybrid Animation

Great working with you! Look forward to the next one!

Feb 14, 2020


Eric Wibbelsmann to NOV for Job #343229 Powerblade - kinetic energy recovery system

Great project and excellent communication throughout! A real pleasure to do business with. Looking forward to working together again soon. Thanks!

Jul 5, 2019

Business to NOV for Job #297496 Trippel Transport

5 stars! It was a pleasure working on this project, and I hope to work with this client again soon!

Jun 17, 2019


Doug Barron to NOV for Job #315832 AURA - vision systems

Great writing and direction. thanks Doug

Dec 18, 2018


Steve Poff to NOV for Job #311149 Windmill Supplylift

Hilde-Marie was super easy to work with. She knew exactly what she wanted and made this job really easy.

Nov 10, 2018


Alan Varner to NOV for Job #297496 Trippel Transport

Aug 3, 2018


Voice On The Run to NOV for Job #261700 Casing Running Equipment

A pleasure to work with.

Dec 4, 2017


TALK THE WALK to NOV for Job #257297 MCDT - Machine Control Diagnostic Tool

Nov 21, 2017


Cheryl Collins to NOV for Job #252960 Product Bulletin Application

Loved working with Hilde-Marie! She was quick to respond and provided great communication. Would gladly work with her again!!

Oct 16, 2017


Greg Beastrom to NOV for Job #252079 Software update - ACS Viewer

Great client to work for! They provided clear direction, full of encouragement and overall were easy to work with!

Oct 2, 2017


Brad Ziffer Productions, LLC to NOV for Job #204337 Powerblade

Thanks again! Looking forward to the next collaboration!

Nov 16, 2016


Mike O'Brian Voiceovers to NOV for Job #201551 Port Of Kristiansand

Thanks for a great project!

Sep 15, 2016

Internet Video

Dick Terhune to NOV for Job #188660 AMHPION/RISE

Jun 23, 2016


Jim McCabe to NOV for Job #174434 Standguard Re-read

Always a pleasure to work with.

May 6, 2016

Internet Video

to NOV for Job #172211 Utility Handling Tool

Great client!

Mar 21, 2016


Mike O'Brian Voiceovers to NOV for Job #174338 offshore mud simulator

Mar 2, 2016


Jim McCabe to NOV for Job #167469 Standguard System

Feb 11, 2016


Ross Huguet Inc. to NOV for Job #170845 Rig Construction Training

Thank you!

Feb 11, 2016