Sergio Salgado

Furnace FPS -, Illinois, US

About Us

Furnace Fps is a video production studio based out of Chicago, IL. We focus on documentary and commercial filmmaking. We work with a range of clients including start-ups, agencies, studios, and independent filmmakers. We want to help you explain your experience, product, process, and services with engaging storytelling and captivating visuals. Our goal is to tell your story, in your voice, to emphasize your brand. Furnace Fps began filming in 2011.

Internet Video

Michella Moss to Furnace FPS for Job #347864 CEA Video

Sep 23, 2019

Internet Video

Kateri Rose to Furnace FPS for Job #341854 Software Analytics Product Video

Jul 5, 2019

Internet Video

Qvox Voiceworks to Furnace FPS for Job #329886 Software Analytics Video Narration

Sergio was not only professional but fun to work with. Looking forward to seeing the final product!

May 9, 2019

Internet Video

PAUL HERZBERG to Furnace FPS for Job #315433 PBR Video v3

Smooth and uncomplicated and such a nice company to work for!

Mar 27, 2019


Eric Wibbelsmann to Furnace FPS for Job #314958 SKO Video

Great project and excellent communication throughout. A real pleasure to do business with. Looking forward to collaborating again soon. Thanks!

Dec 20, 2018

Internet Video

Year to Furnace FPS for Job #287148 RHC Promo

Thank You for the opportunity!

Jun 13, 2018


Cathy B to Furnace FPS for Job #233523 MCA Intro Video

Great client! Awesome communication and quick turn around. Thank you very much!

May 19, 2017