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A one-man shop that makes videos for non-profits and religious-affiliated organizations

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Spencer Cannon Media, LLC to Motion House Media for Job #296129 Topsy Turvy Crossings Kids Camp 2019 Promo

Stuart was fantastic to work with and made the project a breeze! I would highly recommend.

Aug 21, 2018


Elysia Rotaru to Motion House Media for Job #288440 Pursue: Crossings Camps 2019 Promo

Jun 15, 2018

Internet Video

arussellactor to Motion House Media for Job #242552 Boyce College Short Promo

This project was very drawn out for multiple reasons. Many changes were added from the client throughout six different retakes. Being the professional that I am, I performed these changes without complaint. These changes were also completed without adding the industry standard of charging for multiple changes and retakes. All of the retakes were submitted within an hour of the requests from Stuart.

I wanted to produce the script to the client's specifications, however communication from Stuart was inconsistent and spread out throughout six different retakes. Each retake focused on different parts of the script.

Despite all of my efforts to add these changes, Stuart still gave a less than stellar review. I did receive payment, but no information as to why my multiple additions to the script did not merit a five star review.

Aug 11, 2017


Jesse Adam Studios to Motion House Media for Job #235914 Wired for Worship

Great direction and clear communication throughout. Awesome project and a fantastic final product! I loved working with Stuart!

Jun 8, 2017


Brian Stivale to Motion House Media for Job #235560 Crossings Camps Opener 2017

Great time working with Stuart once again! Love the content and the opportunity to make quality work together. I will happily work with Stuart again anytime.

May 30, 2017


Bridget Renshaw to Motion House Media for Job #235865 SAFARI: Crossings Kids Camp 2018 Promo

Great! Thanks so much!

May 29, 2017

Internet Video

Billy Kametz to Motion House Media for Job #234789 We Are A Fire Mission Trip Promo

Stuart gave very clear direction, was quick with responses, and is just a really friendly and awesome guy. Hope to work with him again soon!

May 24, 2017


ThackVoice to Motion House Media for Job #222803 Something Incredible (Crossings Ministries 30 second promo)

Stuart was a joy to work with. Expectations were known, all the right materials were provided, and he made everything easy.

Mar 7, 2017

Internet Video

Brian Hanson Voice to Motion House Media for Job #187140 Life Together Promo

Stuart was a joy to work with! He knew the style of performance he wanted, and he knew how to articulate it clearly. He is the kind of producer a VO talent is happy to work with. I'd work with him any day of the week! First Class all the way!

Jun 22, 2016

Internet Video

David Dixon to Motion House Media for Job #121201 Accordance Bible Software 11 Promo

Great client! Provided great feedback and materials to help me get the job done right.

Oct 22, 2014