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ColinKurtis is a creative agency that really "gets" business, and more importantly, "gets" what good design can do for business. We know that to be competitive you have to do more than just inform your audience, you also have to inspire them. We also believe that solid marketing strategy integrated with strong design is the competitive edge your business needs to succeed.

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Emily Mattheson to ColinKurtis for Job #291947

Oct 3, 2018


Jon Carter Voice Overs to ColinKurtis for Job #189020


Jun 19, 2017


Trevor Christensen to ColinKurtis for Job #201920

Dec 1, 2016


Emily Mattheson to ColinKurtis for Job #198723

Great working with you!

Dec 1, 2016


Jessica Wachsman (AKA Michelle Silber) to ColinKurtis for Job #161183

Dec 17, 2015


Jay Kennedy to ColinKurtis for Job #154220

Dec 9, 2015


Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor LLC to ColinKurtis for Job #107462

Colin was great to work with, communicative and provided feedback. The job took a while to wrap up, but that was on his client's side. I'd be happy to work with again.

Nov 13, 2014


Patrick Lagreid to ColinKurtis for Job #117870

It was a real pleasure working with Colin -- we had a great phone call before the recording session and then a quick follow-up to make a few script changes. A real pro!

Sep 23, 2014


Kim Somers to ColinKurtis for Job #102463

Apr 12, 2014


Jessica Fields Audio Production to ColinKurtis for Job #77654

Working with Colin was awesome - fun script, clear direction & easy to work with! Thanks!!!

May 23, 2013


Adam Lacy to ColinKurtis for Job #18945

Thanks Colin! Great script and very clear direction!

Feb 24, 2010


Angel Wings Productions to ColinKurtis for Job #9403

It was a pleasure working with Colin Kurtis. Very professional!
Rita Pardue, Owner
Angel Wings Productions

Oct 4, 2008


Brian Whitaker to ColinKurtis for Job #6566

It was a pleasure to work with Colin. Thank you!

Mar 25, 2008


Brittany C to ColinKurtis for Job #5049

Esay to work with and great experience.

Oct 18, 2007