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Blackbird is a sound design and music creation company specializing in videogames.


OB-F Internacionale to BlackbirdSFX for Job #372095 Green young pirate for a slot machine game

It was a fun project and thanks for having me on board for it! -OBF

Feb 3, 2020


AJ Finelli to BlackbirdSFX for Job #372096 Blue lady pirate for a slot machine game

Great working with BlackbirdSFX - would do so again in a heartbeat! :)

Jan 25, 2020


Rich Summers Voice Overs to BlackbirdSFX for Job #372094 Purple old pirate for a slot machine game

What a fun job! I think it's most kids dream at one point or another to be a pirate...and Blackbird gave me the opportunity to be one as an adult! Great people! Looking forward to workiing together again!

Jan 23, 2020


Aja Blue to BlackbirdSFX for Job #372093 Red lady pirate for a slot machine game

Really great working with you! Hope we have the opportunity again in the future. Thanks again!

Jan 23, 2020


Chantelle Anita Voices to BlackbirdSFX for Job #341955 Female voice for Bingo, British Accent

My first time working with this client and just such a lovely experience! Clear direction and a nice back n forth.

Jul 18, 2019


Alaina Wis to BlackbirdSFX for Job #345146 Cabaret Queens

Great project, lots of fun, and super easy process!

Jul 15, 2019


Daisuke Suzuki to BlackbirdSFX for Job #322674 Bingo game (Japanese)

Quick to respond in communication and very understanding. Easy to work with.

Mar 4, 2019


POSTAB MEDIA to BlackbirdSFX for Job #322671 Bingo game (Iberian Spanish)

Great Client!!

Mar 1, 2019


Stendorff.com to BlackbirdSFX for Job #322655 Bingo game (Danish)

I can highly recommend BlackbirdSFX. Tatyana was very helpful, responsive and her positive approach made the cooperation and project all the more joyful. Thank and hope to be working with you again. :)

Feb 26, 2019


Peace Full Productions to BlackbirdSFX for Job #318861 Roulette

Great to work with! Fast and easy transaction! Look forward to working with you again!

Dec 19, 2018


Fredrik Beckmann to BlackbirdSFX for Job #301328 Bingo game (Swedish)

Skilled and experienced customer who knows how to create the right conditions to make my job easy.
It was a pleasure working with Tatyana and Blackbird SFX!

Oct 1, 2018


Matthias Hack to BlackbirdSFX for Job #301047 Bingo Game

Sep 27, 2018


Searcy Music to BlackbirdSFX for Job #287824 Blackjack

Jun 5, 2018


Squawk Voice Talent Management to BlackbirdSFX for Job #287825 Blackjack

It was a pleasure working with Tatyana. Excellent direction and great communication! Thank you!!

Jun 4, 2018


Artie Widgery Voiveovers to BlackbirdSFX for Job #261171 US Male Voice For A Bingo Game

Regimented Professionalism. I like a taught ship. Thank you for the great project. Let's do this again soon.

Dec 4, 2017


Hilary Noriega, Inc. to BlackbirdSFX for Job #216809 Advisor of the King (female)

Simple, straightforward and easy experience. Thank you and I look forward to working together again!!

Apr 10, 2017


Michael Neeb to BlackbirdSFX for Job #216821 Antagonist - Evil wizard

Tatyana is a fantastic client to work with! I sincerely hope we can work together again,


Apr 10, 2017


Joshua W.V to BlackbirdSFX for Job #179663 Diver

Tatyana was nothing but stellar to work with! She was prompt and amazingly clear with her instruction. I felt that if I had any questions she'd be there to have answers immediately. Had an awesome time working with her and will be a treat for anyone else who gets the opportunity (:

Five Stars *****

Jul 29, 2016


Damien T Burrs to BlackbirdSFX for Job #179790 Evil wizard

This job was so much fun and an absolute pleasure to work with Tatyana! I look forward to any and all future projects we will work together on!

Jul 28, 2016


Bob Barnes to BlackbirdSFX for Job #174910 Swamp Lord

Great folks to work with/for. Steady reoeat customer. Gotta love 'em!

Feb 21, 2016