Tim Bathurst

Mont Albert road

About Us

Hello. We are Mont Albert Road; a creatively-lead production agency specialising in digital and online content, including: TVC, web films, music clips, corporate videos, and behind the scenes footage.

Our award winning team look after everything from initial concepts through storyboarding, shooting, editing, sound design and music licensing; working with people we like, and loving the work we do. Because ultimately the end product is a reflection of the journey it takes to get there, and enjoyment of the process is what makes the finished piece shine.

We also strongly believe in being economical, and that extends to our use of words. So aside from quickly inviting you to watch some of our work and, if you like what you see contact us via phone or email, this preamble to our potential partnership is now complete.

Internet Video

BaxterVO.com to Mont Albert road for Job #292319 Brown Cow

Tim was a pleasure to work with! Thanks!

Jun 30, 2018