Peter Smith

tumblehead Viborg, Midtjylland, DK

About Us

TumbleHead Animation Studio focuses on great storytelling using animation as our media.
In doing so we are dedicated to, constantly, push the boundaries of the media and thereby optimize our workflow.

Internet Video

Fervid Media to tumblehead for Job #413407 Climate adaptation

A fantastic experience! I hope they post again soon.

Sep 21, 2020


Mike Witts to tumblehead for Job #288715 Invest in DK

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, Peter! Looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

Jun 24, 2018


Helen Clapp to tumblehead for Job #262918 Compliance House

Feb 27, 2018


Elizabeth Ollier to tumblehead for Job #229365 API

It was a pleasure to work with Peter and I hope to do so again soon.

Apr 21, 2017


MGvoiceover to tumblehead for Job #127062 The animation Strategy

A pleasure to work with!

Dec 29, 2014


Jim Norris to tumblehead for Job #125353 Childrens psychiatry

Peter Smith is a truly professional and accomplished filmmaker.
The quality of his projects are of the highest caliber. His sense of style and direction to talent makes working for him a pleasure. Also, the films he produces are important and significant to people all over the world.
If you are lucky enough to be asked to voice over a project for Peter, TAKE IT!!!!!
I hope to work with Peter in the future. What a great experience!

Jim Norris

Nov 27, 2014


John Cavanagh to tumblehead for Job #108558 MultiTrust

A pleasure to work on this project.

Jun 18, 2014


guillaume zublena to tumblehead for Job #71504 Goldtreat - FR

Dec 19, 2013


Duda Baguera to tumblehead for Job #74678 Queen Brasillian

Great script with clear and precise instructions, very professional. Highly recommend!

Apr 17, 2013


Jamie Muffett to tumblehead for Job #68288 Queen

Great to work for! Highly recommended.

Thanks, Peter!

Feb 4, 2013


Julian Mattinson to tumblehead for Job #68517 Queen DE

Great to work with. Looking forward to future projects.

Feb 4, 2013

Business to tumblehead for Job #65264 Remove the Background

Great Partnership with Petersmith, thank you.


Dec 18, 2012


Voice On The Run to tumblehead for Job #66009 Goldtreat

A pleasure to work with.

Nov 28, 2012


Verbal Media Services, Inc. to tumblehead for Job #65373 Remove the Background

In spite of the 7 or 8 hour time difference, we were able to get it done, thanks to Peter's excellent input. Hope to work with you again, Peter.

Nov 21, 2012

Business to tumblehead for Job #53592 Pintrips

Jun 18, 2012


Preikenes Communications to tumblehead for Job #49662 Remove the background_NO

Peter is a very professional and extremely friendly producer to work with. It has been a joy working with him and I will gladly offer my services to him any chance I get. Top guy!

Mar 8, 2012


S&T to tumblehead for Job #49411 remove the background_DE

Nice Contact-Nice Project- looking forward to assist with my voice for future projects!

Mar 8, 2012


Bob Michaels to tumblehead for Job #37962 Tumblehead project01

Peter is a top-drawer producer. I hope we get to work together again sometime.

Dec 7, 2011