Tyler Waresak


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The Navigators is a global family of disciple-makers that help people know Jesus as they navigate through life.


Patrick Lagreid to Mineeo for Job #354817 Mission Trip Video Promo

Tyler was very easy to work with; I'd recommend him and hope that we can work together again soon.

Sep 23, 2019


Justin Gross, Inc. to Mineeo for Job #311478 Logo overview video

Jul 1, 2019


Miel Roman to Mineeo for Job #311790 vocabulary overview video

It was simply great working with Tyler! I hope that we have another opportunity to work together someday.

Nov 14, 2018


Damon Tisdale to Mineeo for Job #310630 Brand messaging video

Very easy to work with and gave very good direction. Hope to work with again soon.

Oct 25, 2018


Katie Billings to Mineeo for Job #309054 Brand/explainer video voice over.

Tyler was wonderful to work with! Clear direction and communication. I’d love to do it again!

Oct 21, 2018


Stefan Martello to Mineeo for Job #304650 20s Ministry Overview Video

Sep 25, 2018