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Internet Video

Jeff Carter to VeracityColab for Job #87225 rateGenius

Oct 21, 2019


Nadia Marshall to VeracityColab for Job #352958 TFS1903_QuantStudioPro_FeatureVideos

Sep 23, 2019


Russell Binns to VeracityColab for Job #344031 Afiniti_HIW-Explainer_Selects

Excellent client and a happy job.

Aug 26, 2019


R. John to VeracityColab for Job #345290 STER1801_BrandVideo Change Order

This is my second time working with VeracityColab. Very professional. Easy to communicate with. Project went smoothly thanks to Luke. Jump at the chance to work with this agency!

Jul 26, 2019

Internet Video

Juan Montalvo to VeracityColab for Job #320072 Human Tax Expert - Spanish - Joe

Super nice client!

Jul 11, 2019


Zack Taylor Voiceover Productions to VeracityColab for Job #337424 PTC1902_RockwellAutomation

First class production!

Jul 9, 2019


Fervid Media to VeracityColab for Job #325558 FFV1801Videos - Join Our Team

Always happy to work with them!

May 7, 2019


Sandra Osborne to VeracityColab for Job #325555 FFV1801Videos-Who Is Freedom Forever

Thank you!

Apr 3, 2019


Jesse Adam Studios to VeracityColab for Job #325143 MSFT1801_AzureHPC

Cool project, great direction and communication! Thank you!

Feb 28, 2019


R. John to VeracityColab for Job #320258 STER1801_BrandVideo

Smooth and easy working with VeracityColab from start to finish. Great communication! Highly recommended.

Feb 11, 2019

Internet Video

Jennifer Cook Nice Voice Over to VeracityColab for Job #314776 Experian_Apollo

Feb 5, 2019


Erick David to VeracityColab for Job #317076 Human Tax Expert

Such an enjoyable collaboration! So awesome to have worked with you on this project :)

Erick David | Voice Over Talent
a refreshing uncommon adventure

Jan 23, 2019


Maley Enterprises to VeracityColab for Job #300663 ACD_Labs_Katalyst

Great working with you all!

Jan 18, 2019

Internet Video

Stacey Kimble Voices to VeracityColab for Job #313530 Giant Oak_GOST

Amazing to work with, gave loads of detail and lots of ideas to help me build the project. Wonderful experience! Thanks so much!

Nov 27, 2018


Ross Huguet Inc. to VeracityColab for Job #313149 Christus St. Vincent

Luke was fantastic to deal with. A true professional!

Nov 26, 2018


Carly Rush to VeracityColab for Job #303666 ASCI_ActiveBatchAcademy

Thank you for your business!

Oct 10, 2018


RW Talent LLC to VeracityColab for Job #291560 TAY1801_LawyersMutual

Awesome, working with you - thanks!

Sep 4, 2018


LJ Audio Productions to VeracityColab for Job #298235 Irvine Co Heritage

This is a great Team! Knew exactly what the Client was looking for and go it done! Looking forward to future projects. Thank You for the opportunity,

Aug 24, 2018


Eric Wibbelsmann to VeracityColab for Job #298029 Colliers Center of Excellence

Great project and excellent communication. A pleasure to do business with! Looking forward to collaborating again soon. Thanks!

Aug 24, 2018

Internet Video

Shannon Torrence Voiceover LLC to VeracityColab for Job #294909 HelpShift_Product_Vid

Luke is one of my favorite clients ever. Thanks, Luke!

Aug 24, 2018