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At VISION, we help companies build relationships between their brands and their unique audiences across a wide array of integrated media. We specialize in video and live event production, strategic brand engagement, content creation, creative visual design and experience marketing. We pride ourselves on being a valued partner with our clients by delivering the ROI they want through strategic and creative solutions that work.

Our VISION is to help clients achieve their vision.


Yumi Mulligan to VISION for Job #388636 19BE012 Chevron Varnish Education Video Production x 3 videos

It was a pleasure to work with Ruth again. Thank you!

Apr 27, 2020


Justin Gross, Inc. to VISION for Job #370424 20GHP002 Energy Transition Video & Annual Meeting Speaker Support

Fantastic group to work for. I love promoting HOUSTON, TX.
Great project.

Apr 14, 2020


Buzz Blackburn to VISION for Job #372450 20BE001 Willscot Video Open

Thank you for a wonderful experience with this project!

Jan 27, 2020


Sandra Osborne to VISION for Job #358844 19GSSJ001 - Girl Scouts revised sponsors

Great working with you! Always a pleasure! -Sandra Osborne

Oct 29, 2019


Max Goldberg to VISION for Job #60557 World Trade Soiree

Oct 21, 2019


Chris Phillips to VISION for Job #355682 19WOM001 BOP Marketing Teaser Video

Great working with you. Excellent communication made it easy to hit the target!

Oct 16, 2019


Sure Voice by Carlin Tools to VISION for Job #356312 19HPB001 Houston Parks Board Annual Luncheon 2019

The Vision team was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with them again. They gave clear direction, courtesy notes and quick payment.

Thank you Terry,

Oct 9, 2019


BJS VoiceOver to VISION for Job #345080 18GC002 Ready Houston Update

Really wonderful client! Easy to work with and very clear in her direction!

Sep 25, 2019


Media Painters Inc. to VISION for Job #324488 19TE001 Talen Energy Brand Video

Awesome company to work with, looking forward to the next project! :)

Aug 26, 2019


Trueblood Voice Talent to VISION for Job #345217 19CCR001 Airis The VICC, LAX video

Great working with the folks at VISION. Everyone was very responsive and Terry gave excellent direction. Would definitely work with them again.

Aug 12, 2019


Erica Cain to VISION for Job #343699 NewCo Epic Video and Brand Video

Jul 19, 2019


Gus Richards to VISION for Job #341241 19CCR001 Airis The VICC, LAX video

Jul 17, 2019


Jed Williams to VISION for Job #327875 19BSA001 Black Sheep Manifesto

Great experience, highly recommend for your next project! 5 STARS

Jun 25, 2019


C.J. Merritt to VISION for Job #327875 19BSA001 Black Sheep Manifesto

Awesome Client!

Jun 19, 2019


Stacey Kimble Voices to VISION for Job #327875 19BSA001 Black Sheep Manifesto

Jun 19, 2019


Jeffrey Johnston to VISION for Job #334919 19UNI001 UNICEF Kid Power

Great to work with! Communication was A+ look forward to working with again.

Jun 19, 2019


Channel Fluence Studios, Fluence Creative to VISION for Job #327875 19BSA001 Black Sheep Manifesto

Jun 19, 2019


Maya Tuttle, Inc. to VISION for Job #332603 19KI001 2019 Kinder Institute Luncheon

So great working with you! Hope to work together again soon. Thanks!

Jun 7, 2019


Wayne Scott Voice to VISION for Job #315701 IM Plaza of Respect AR_ Reverend Lawson

May 22, 2019


Sandra Osborne to VISION for Job #335668 19GSSJ Girls Scouts - Live Event Voice of god

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this project! I recommend working with Ruth and I hope to do so again in the future.

May 14, 2019