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Infuze Creative is a small branding/design/marketing firm in Hastings, Nebraska.


Amador Bilingual Voiceovers to Infuze Creative for Job #154598 OB/GYN Radio - Spanish

Eric, a belated thank you for choosing my voice. It was my pleasure! I hope you're well!

Thank you,

Dec 26, 2015


Serious Vanity Music to Infuze Creative for Job #119135 OB-GYN :30 TV #2

Working with Eric at Infuze Creative is always a talent's dream - detailed direction, great material to work with, and a winning attitude that makes the experience both fun and rewarding!

Sep 23, 2014


Serious Vanity Music to Infuze Creative for Job #109380 OBGYN TV

Fantastic client! Very easy to communicate with, creative, and positive.

Jun 12, 2014


Kat Harrington Voice to Infuze Creative for Job #52084 NeHII :30 and 2:00 voiceover

What a great client!!! Very clear with direction while also open to suggestions. Perfectly professional yet also really easy and fun to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better gig! Hope we'll work together again soon.

Jun 18, 2012

Internet Video

Steele Imaging, Ltd. to Infuze Creative for Job #24883 BP web video

Are you kidding me! This is what happened... Eric says... "Hey Dave, can you read tis twice?" I read it 4 times for the heck of it. Bang. Done. Approved and finished. Wow. So nice to work with good direction and speedy approval. From start to approvalwe were done in real time in about 3 hours. THANKS ERIC!

Sep 1, 2010