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Want to get more involved at Vox Daily?

There are 3 ways you can be an active part of the goings on at the Vox Daily Blog, including:

  1. Commenting
  2. Contributing a story
  3. Suggesting a topic


Commenting on blog articles is something you should consider doing if you haven't already. There are so many benefits for you to do so! Here's just a few:

  • Your participation makes you a vital part of your community and your voice is heard
  • You can link back to your website and increase your visibility in the search engines
  • You will be perceived as an authority given you leave pithy or intelligent comments

How Do You Comment?

If you are reading Vox Daily or any of our other blogs in your email, you are probably wondering where you can leave a comment and how it's done!

  1. In order to comment on the article that you are reading by email, you'll need to click the title of the article to get to the Vox Daily blog website on the Internet. You'll want to click on the blue title near the top of the email that says the title of the article you're reading. You'll find it just below the logo in the email.
  2. Click through the blue title and you'll be taken directly to the article you are reading, only you'll now be viewing it online where you'll be able to comment and also read comments left by your colleagues and people in our community.
  3. Once you are there, you'll see the article. At the end of the article you'll discover a box where you can enter your comment and add your voice to the conversation. Just comment in the box and be sure to include your name, email address, and your web URL with your comment.

Presto! Once you've clicked to submit your comment, you'll see a message confirming that your comment was received and will appear shortly on the blog.

Contributing A Story

Contributing as a guest blogger is a fantastic opportunity for free press and links to your site. There is a variety of material on this blog and everyone loves it when a guest blogger drops in (that would be you!). People often chat and blog about what is written about on Vox Daily on their own websites and, as a result, their readership becomes aware of your material and services as well.

Vox Daily is the #1 Voice Acting Blog on the Internet and has thousands of readers each week.

Suggesting A Topic

Writing articles everyday is enjoyable, but like most things, it's often nicer if some guidance here and there is presented. What do you want to read about on Vox Daily? Do you have any suggestions?

Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts via email or on any of our social channels