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Do you have voice over musings spinning around in your head that have no place to go but need to get out?

If you'd like to be a contributor to the Vox Daily blog, I'd love to have you on board as a guest blogger.

This opportunity is suited especially for:

  • Voice acting coaches and teachers
  • Voice talent bloggers
  • Voice actors who like to write
  • A voice over professional with a story to share

Ideal Article Length

Generally, 250 - 500 words is the right amount to write a substantial article. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but if you like solid parameters and want to stay in the safe zone, shoot somewhere in that range.

What should you write about?

Anything to do with voice over! Of course, the content needs to be family friendly and in good taste, but otherwise the spectrum of content you could produce is quite wide.

General Guidelines

Why set guidelines for this? Simple.

Vox Daily is read and enters the email boxes of thousands of people every day representing varying ages, backgrounds and beliefs. Out of respect for our subscribers and online readers, the content must be of high quality, relevant to voice over, and free of questionable material. You can read the Community Guidelines in full here

To get an idea of what kind of material is published on the blog.

Email Your Article

Send your material to: stephanie@voices.com

Looking forward to helping you get the word out!

Best wishes,

Stephanie Ciccarelli
Co-Founder of Voices.com, Editor of VoiceOverTimes