Committees and Clubs


We’re a pretty social bunch! We keep our Social Committee buzzing with ideas keeping us active within the community, among each other, and with family and friends. From Monday breakfasts to catered lunches to trips to cheer on the Blue Jays, we are always finding ways to keep in touch!


Social Committee

Our social committee organizes all the fun and social events that take place throughout the year. Here are some of the events and clubs organized by the committee.

Summer Party

Held annually, this is a chance to get together, enjoy the weather and have a social night on a patio.

Christmas Party

A more formal event, bring your spouse or guest for an evening out filled with music, dancing, food and drinks. The location is kept interesting, with previous events held at Bellamere Winery, and The Lamplight Inn.

Our Health, Safety and Wellness Committee

Our Health, Safety and Wellness Committee also plays a role in keeping us mindful of our choices. The Salad Club, Run Club, The Global Corporate Challenge, and various fruit deliveries, are just a few ways we keep active and stay challenged!

Run Club

Winter is over and it’s time to get some fresh spring air into our lungs. Once a week we meet for a distance run as a team. Not a runner? Don’t worry! We start short and continue to gain distance, speed, and endurance together. All the hard work pays off when we complete a 10KM run in the fall followed by refreshments!

Bike Club

If pedaling and coasting is more your speed, join Bike Club for a once per month bike ride. Usually it’s up and down the bike paths along the Thames River, however we’ve been known to traverse the back roads of London’s surrounding area.  The big event is the MS Bike Race, a charity event where we bike 100km and then celebrate with a cool refreshing drink.

Salad Club

This started with only two members, challenging each other to eat healthy veggie filled lunches, and has now grown into multiple 5-person teams. You and four others are each assigned a day of the week in which you’re responsible for providing your team with a healthy salad! What do you get in return? A salad for every other day of the week!


Craft Beer Club

Ever since we moved locations the hype has been to test and experience all the new tasty food and drink locations in the area. Join this group to test out craft beers in the area one per week after work! IPA, Stouts, or Fruit infused wheat beers are just some of the new flavours we’ve tried and rated as a group.