Daymon Boswell - Marketing Data Specialist

How did you first hear about

I first heard about years ago when I was researching local companies that I might be interested in working for after I was finished school. In my research, was one of the companies that stood out to me, and I was able to follow their success through news stories and staying up-to-date on job postings while I was still in school. In my final year of school I was hired on in an internship at, and before my internship was over I was hired on and promoted into a full-time role.

When you first joined what was orientation and training like?

The training and orientation at is very comprehensive. My first day I received a thorough orientation on’s policies and procedures from our Human Resources department, as well as access to all of the companies handbooks where I could easily see how the marketing department was currently functioning. I received one-on-one training from my manager, and from other people in the marketing department. As with every new hire, I received brand guideline training from Stephanie Ciccarelli, and was able to participate in an information-packed MBA in a day training session with David Ciccarelli.

In my first month, I had a check-in with Human Resources in the form of an onboarding interview where they ensured that I had gotten all of the training that I needed.

On an ongoing basis, we are provided with one-on-one coaching, quarterly performance reviews, access to digital training materials in our internal “Voices U” training platform, and unique training opportunities such as sessions designed to help us better understand what our Myers-Briggs personality type means.

Tell me about your team, and the greater team? What qualities do they have?

The marketing team, made up of 4 departments - Demand Generation, Content Creation, Public Relations, and Product - is full of experts in media relations, writing, research, design, social media, SEO, email, and many other areas. We are constantly collaborating with each other whether we’re planning industry events, developing a new homepage, coordinating on our Co-Founder’s podcast, or decorating someone’s desk for their birthday. We are a large group of extroverted, helpful, and hard-working individuals who know how to get quality work done, while still having fun.

The first word that comes to mind when I think about everyone here at is: welcoming. I still remember when I came for my first interview, multiple people stopped as they were walking by to welcome me into the office and offer me water or coffee. Everyone here is very helpful, we have a great team of knowledgeable people in every department that are more than happy to share their expertise.

Describe the work environment?

The environment at is unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the city. The recently renovated 45,000 square foot office in the heart of downtown is designed to encourage collaborative working across all departments. There are meeting rooms all over the office, couches, large bean bag chairs, and tables at some of our desks that inspire people to work with each other. When you need a quiet space there are also reservable havens where you can get away from your desk. All of our meeting rooms feature whiteboard walls where you can draw out your ideas to share with your team.

I wouldn’t do justice to’s work environment without talking about the company culture. The team at is made up of people who care about their work, but who also care about each other - and this isn’t done by accident. With a team of nearly 100 employees, David and Stephanie Ciccarelli still make time to have a heart-to-heart with every potential hire during the interview process to ensure that new hires will not only perform well at their job but will also positively contribute to the culture. The whole office comes together once a week for our team “Huddle” where we thank each other, share good news, work through any systems that are not working, and go over the numbers. also encourages you to take time to do what you are passionate about by offering paid time off to contribute to charitable causes, supporting programs like the Big Bike, blood drives, weekly run clubs, and MS bike rides.

Describe the technology you use on a day to day basis. is a paperless office, so we use Google’s Suite of products for most of our documentation which also allows us to easily collaborate with different team members. Additionally we have access to programs like Excel and Adobe if our roles require it. Every meeting room has a TV equipped with Apple TV for quick screen-sharing. The larger meeting spaces are also equipped with projectors and Chromecast. Meeting rooms are all reservable through our Evoko Room Management platform which integrates directly into our Google Calendar.

The technology we use the most across the company in my opinion is Salesforce, which all departments use very extensively. On-going training is provided with the platform, and we have an internal specialist who is a Salesforce expert.

Around the office we have a Macbook and multiple Chromebooks that can be used when you need to work from your computer in meetings or want to work away from your desk - if you don’t have a company laptop already.

Why should someone apply? truly is a great place to work, it is a home-grown global business with a Google-esque big city tech company environment. is ranked year-over-year as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, and was recently named as one of the country's top 100 small and medium employers. There are countless opportunities for growth, and everyone in the company wants to see each other succeed.

What advice would you give to a new team member?

My advice to a new team member would be to participate in the many events put on by the social committee. With such a big team it can be challenging at first to familiarize yourself with all of the new faces, but the social committee does a great job at making sure that there are lots of opportunities to interact with your co-workers and their families in non-work environments. Recently the social committee took us to a local escape room, Toronto to see a Blue Jay’s game, and we went rock climbing followed by a brewery tour.

If the outings aren’t for you, there are also lots of internal activities the social committee does such as organizing free monthly breakfasts, catered birthday lunches every month, salad clubs, tea time, and create many other opportunities where you can interact with everyone on the team.


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