Emily Lauzon - Customer Success Representative

How did you first hear about Voices.com?

I first heard about Voices.com through word of mouth, which is coincidental since the voiceover industry is rooted in spoken word. Upon first hearing about Voices I was immediately intrigued.  Voices is such an incredibly unique business to be located here in London, Ontario. This was exactly the kind of company that I was searching for!

When you first joined what was orientation and training like?

My orientation started by meeting with Phoebe, our HR Specialist. Phoebe walked me through the ins and outs of Voices.com, and really made me feel welcomed on my first day. My next stop was with Samantha, our Corporate Trainer. Sam walked me through the special details of my job, including processes and technical skills. Both Phoebe and Sam had up-to-date handbooks for me to reference as I headed to my desk. From there, all of the members of my team took turns training me on the ins and outs of the role. By the end of my first day, I felt that I had a solid understanding of the company culture as well as my role requirements.

Tell me about your team, and the greater team?  What qualities do they have?

I may be biased, but my team is amazing! We might be one of the smaller teams here at Voices, but we play a huge role in the daily operations of the company. #smallteambigdreams! Our team has a hand in many different pieces of the company, and we really help to bring everything together. I would consider each one of us to be a “jack of all trades” happily assisting all departments internally, as well assisting customers externally. Our team becomes a listening ear to many of our customers and we get to know them on a personal level. As far as the greater team, I would say that we are all excellent at multitasking, remaining flexible in our roles and working together to uphold our company mission.

Describe the work environment?

The work environment at the office as a whole is very relaxed, warm and fun. Team members are always bringing in treats for the office, celebrating birthdays, scootering around and having nerf gun fights. Everyone is very respectful of one another, and genuinely enjoys being here. The office space is set up in a way where you feel like you can talk to other team members freely, while also having quiet spaces to work in when they are needed. The environment is very collaborative and engaging.

Describe the technology you use on a day to day basis

Voices.com really tries to optimize our software solutions by getting the most from their functionality. Our utilization of Salesforce CRM is incredibly thorough for contact management, internal administration, and reporting on data. The entire company works out of the Google Suite for our email, calendar, and document management. Our team also has heavy involvement in our "Admin" site, which is the back-end of Voices.com.

What do you find most rewarding about your role now?

The most rewarding part of my role right now is seeing all of the happy customers that we are able to provide our service to. Speaking with seasoned talent that have been able to turn this website into a career, or beginners that have excitedly just landed their first job is so incredibly rewarding.

How do our customers feel about us?  What are you seeing or hearing?

One of the main roles of the Customer Success department is speaking with both our clients and talent. This means that our department is very tuned into how our customers are feeling at all times. If we make a change on the site, we are often the first to receive feedback about it. That being said, I can confidently say that our customers LOVE us. We receive comments daily about how much clients love our site for the ease of use in completing their projects, and from talent who are successfully pursuing their dream career. As I mentioned, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of this role. Being able to see firsthand how our customers feel about the work we are doing is incredibly positive.

Why should someone apply?

If you are someone that is looking to be part of an innovative company with a focus on fostering a positive corporate culture, then this is the place that you were looking for. Voices has a very strong focus on flexibility and work life balance. I feel that Voices focuses on work ethic and quality rather than a punch-in punch-out work day. The voice over industry is rapidly growing, and Voices.com is at the top which makes for a very exciting experience.

What advice would you give to a new team member?

My biggest piece of advice to a new team member would be to remain personable, positive and flexible. Our team is called Customer Success, and this is our goal. Our customers highly value our personable approach to Customer Service, knowing that above all else we do care about them, and we are always happy to help. As a new employee I would advise you to stay positive, every day comes with new experiences and new learning opportunities. Each day I am still continuing to learn new things, and this is okay. Keep perspective on what you are doing, and how on many people you are helping to pursue their dream of being a voice actor.


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