If you haven’t noticed already, we’re growing! That means adding new employees to various teams within the organization on a monthly basis. All new employees come from a wide range of unique backgrounds, from music to business to digital communications and marketing, and we need to be able to train and onboard all of you!


Corporate Training Done Right

When you join, you're trained and educated using proven techniques suited to engage all learning styles. We use a variety of resources such as in class training, practical application, E-learning, Corporate Trainer office hours, and refresher training classes - at you can tailor your training program to fit your needs, and turn your weaknesses into strengths.


We assume onboarding to be the entire process of getting a new employee up to speed, and the orientation to be the must-dos; paperwork, payroll info, employment contract collection, etc. Everything you need to complete before officially diving into the work.

1-on-1 Time With The CEO on Day 1

Our CEO, David Ciccarelli, is passionate about personally connecting with all stakeholders of the business, with employees being the number one focus! On your first day David will give you a company overview of how began and how it’s transformed into what it is today. Further, you’ll complete your MBA in a Day, which gives you the business acumen needed to understand your role and impact at

In Class Training

For the remainder of your first week, we train you using a classroom style approach. Our Corporate Trainer, who is educated in Adult Training and Education will use various learning styles to cater to your unique training needs.

Internal Experts

Wherever possible we will bring in experts from various departments to teach you how you and they can work together, including advanced industry training from our CBO, Stephanie Ciccarelli. At we act as a united front, all working towards the same goal, and it’s important to understand how very different that may look to others.

Voices U

Our internal online training platform was developed in 2015 and we’re pretty proud of it! You can essentially take courses and graduate with degrees all in a safe environment. Track your progress and see how you stack up against your peers!

Voices Olympics

Each December we run several training sessions during the month. We used both internal and external experts in order to refresh ourselves in areas that needed a top up. Motivated by gold, silver, and bronze level prizes, participation was rewarded during the closing ceremonies at the end of the month.