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Baby Boomers who were born at the tail-end of their generation - referred to as Generation Jones - as well as Gen Xer’s who were born at the beginning of their generation, are currently in an education prime-time. They’ve expressed interest in working longer, reinventing themselves, chasing corporate training, and taking post secondary courses on interesting subjects for pure enjoyment. They’re simply not ready to stop learning.

All over the US, colleges and universities are partaking in a movement called ‘Plus 50’ to actively recruit older students seeking opportunities to further their education for the purposes mentioned above.

By 2030, newly-minted seniors will be part of a population that’s well-accustomed to the education industry’s many consumption avenues including self-led elearning courses, instructor-led online courses, in-class courses, etc. all of which incorporate components of voice over.

Education Graphic

Senior Voices in Education Will Play an Increasingly In-Demand Role

Over the last three years, the Voices.com marketplace has seen 88% growth in demand for senior voices for educational projects.

While voice over jobs for senior voices currently account for 2% of the total U.S. education voice over market on Voices.com, its predicted that this proportion will also increase.

Currently, a major trend in voice over casting shows preference by producers for voices that sound like a peer to the target audience. As this casting trend continues, it will do so alongside the projected growth in the number of older Americans partaking in continuing education. This means that producers of educational videos, games, courses and other media are expected to ramp up demand for senior voice over.