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Selecting the Right Voice Over in the Age of the Influential Senior Market

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Based on the results of Voices.com’s 2018 Voice Over Trends Report, it’s projected that two trends in voice over selection will continue to guide the sound of advertising, marketing and media as America transitions into the age of the influential senior market.

  • The preference towards a peer to peer sound in voice over will continue to be a strategy marketers, advertisers and producers lean on in order to appeal to their target markets. This means that those marketing directly to seniors will position messaging through older voices, while messages for caregivers and loved ones will match their voice-age sound too.
  • The highly-sought after deep and authoritative vocal archetype, like Morgan Freeman’s (a senior), will be used more frequently in media and entertainment industries across the board. Already a popular choice in media projects, this vocal archetype conveys maturity without sounding ‘old.’
David Bates

“In some cases, using a senior voice can help create legitimacy for the product experience. For example, Airbnb wants to target middle-aged or older travelers. These travelers have different concerns, most of which may stem from their unfamiliarity with the logic behind a sharing economy. Therefore, using a senior voice to help reassure them that they need not worry about who to stay with, the quality of the homes are vetted, etc. could go a long way.” - David Bates, CEO and Creative Director, Bokeh Agency, San Francisco

Demand for Older Voices Already on the Rise

Year over year (2016-2017) demand for senior voices on Voices.com grew by 17%, a signal that the marketplace is not only recognizing the importance of marketing and advertising to this demographic, but also that selecting a voice over that sounds like a peer, is important.

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Explore and Experience Older Voices - Middle Aged to Senior Voice Over

These are just a few of the many professional voice actors on Voices.com who offer voice over services that fall within the range of middle-aged to senior.

Senior Voice Over Doesn’t Mean ‘Old-Sounding Voice Over’

Listening through these demos, it’s clear that ‘senior voice over’ doesn’t mean ‘old-sounding voice over.’ Many of these voice actors demonstrate that mature voice over is still vivacious, expressive and relatable.

David Bates

“...The preference for 'casual but bright' applies. A senior speaking to a senior, lends that product a sense of wisdom informed by experience. It also may set an empowering expectation that this audience is still capable of making their own decisions...Even so, I would still be careful to avoid the stereotypical senior voice.” - David Bates, CEO and Creative Director, Bokeh Agency, San Francisco

It’s also interesting to note that many of the voice over demos supplied by the voice actors above, include content supporting luxury brands, medical services, banking/financial services, consumer goods and even AARP: the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age.

Here’s a great example of how Houzz put a mature voice over to work: