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Voice Acting as a Second Career for Seniors

With all of the discussion around how products and services for the influential senior market are going to ramp up in production and advertising, it also begs the question - will the availability of senior voice over match the demand?

A second (or third) career in voice over work presents a fabulous opportunity for older Americans, who are more tech savvy than ever, to continue to work past the age of 65, and join the 79% of U.S. workers who expect to supplement their income by working past retirement.

Additionally, the seniors of the future are also going to be part of a large freelancer community. Statistics project that 40% of all Americans will be freelancers in 2020. Being able to work from home will afford seniors accessible careers, on their own terms, as well as the ability to maintain a certain quality of living.

Peter Baker

“As a 62 year-old voice over professional in the UK, in the business since I was 20, I have never been busier! The global population is aging and there is more disposable income for many older people, so it’s understandable that they would prefer to be given information by a mature voice about things like cruises and other trips, or about retirement property. For scripts that are promotional messages aimed at seniors, I think they are much more effective sounding when they are from a similar age and peer group.” - Peter Baker, Voice Actor, Manchester, GB

The Future of Mature Voice Overs is Diverse

Researchers estimated that by 2050, 39 percent of those age 65 and older will be black, Hispanic, Asian or other racial minority, up from about 21 percent in 2012 (the latest available year for census projections data).

Though most jobs requesting senior voice actors on Voices.com are for English speakers, the marketplace is experiencing an increase in jobs for Spanish-speaking senior voices as well. Overall, Spanish-speaking voices are the second most sought-after language, after English.

Elenor Lindsay

“As a woman born in the Caribbean, I’ve discovered that there appears to be a growing need for English-speaking accents with a Caribbean lilt. As the world becomes more familiar with the sound of these accents, there’s a greater reach and inclusivity in speaking to people of all nationalities and all ages." - Elenor Lindsay, Voice Actor, Florida, US


For those who don’t see the opportunity and possibility, the aging demographic can appear more like a ‘grey tsunami’ - rather than the hopeful transition to Americans celebrating longer lives and more golden years.

No matter one's personal feelings on the subject, the trend towards an increasingly influential, vibrant senior market is indisputable and unignorable.

Creative professionals who learn how to communicate with and connect to older generations, as well as those who care for and about them, stand to come out ahead in a future where 1 in every 4 Americans is over 65 years old.

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