Jami Cullen

Columbus, Ohio, US

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Jami Cullen

Category Internet Video
Language English (North American)
Description Jami Cullen is showing her wide range of vocal ability in this montage of eight various advertisements for extremely different products and services.
Jami goes from sophistication to romantic, including a bit of humor in both. Jami Cullen then shows her knack for variety as she then emits extremely energetic suggestive selling. Jami Cullen also easily conveys the clients' needs by exhibiting voices that are sultry, serious, confident with a little attitude, announcer capabilities, and finally the sound of pure positive energy.

Jami Cullen can portray many vocal parts effortlessly and efficiently.

Jami's demo is proof that she will alter her vocal sounds and emotions to the clients' specific requirements, accurately and professionally.

Jami is available for Internet advertising, web series', movies, educational lessons, and many other of the clients' web-casting needs.

(The integration of background music with Jami's vocal talent was produced by Ron Allen. Jami will send her auditions over he HP Pavilion or her iPad and if hired, will then send quality voice recordings. She does not, as of yet, have the ability to integrate music,background noises, etc., as of yet.)

Jami Cullen will do your project justice! She strives to amaze the client with her accurate, at the very least, interpretation of their message.