Shawn Willms

Orange County, California, US • 1:08 AM Local Time

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Shawn Willms

Category Internet Video
Language English
Voice Age Young Adult (18-35)
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Distinct, Guy Next Door-Movie Trailer & Characters. Strong, real, friendly, credible, honest, trustworthy, sincere, relatable, warm, deep, ominous, sexy, soft, authoritative, newscaster, announcer, animated, cheesy, narration, fun, distinctive voice! Ability to creditably deliver a solid range from guy next door, to professional announcer, to thunderous voice like god. Movie Trailer and In Theater opener or between show announcements. Television show narration, announcer, Disc-Jockey [DJ] and host. Commercials and Public Service announcements of all genres. Television, Cable, Radio, Satellite Imagine Promos, Sweeper, Show teasers, tags, bumpers and special announcements. Animation, cartoon, video games, multimedia events. Industrials, corporate presentations, training videos, infomercials, sales presentations and special features. Great for spokesperson for Corporate presentations, Tour Guide and Instructional Messages, In Store Radio, On Hold Presentation, Internet Videos and How To Guides, instructional teaching or learning guides. Trade show presentations, in flight or travel announcements and special instructions. The voice of experience.

On camera, voice over artist, actor, talent, host & other performances.
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