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Heather Barnes

Los Angeles, California, US

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Heather Barnes

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Heather Barnes

  Los Angeles, California, US

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Storyteller Creepy Deadpan Explosive Extreme High Energy Movie Trailer Narrator Serious Uplifting

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Voice Age
Young Adult

Bright, sweet, youthful, energetic, girl next door voice. Friendly, lovable, relatable, conversational, and believable chatter perfect for charming and engaging listeners (like Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer).
Nurturing, motherly, natural, soothing, caring, and trustworthy tones (like Lori Loughlin in Full House).
Sexy, sultry and seductive as well as sophisticated, luxurious, conceited and snobby (Goldie Hawn in Overboard).
Realistic conversations, passionate arguments, and convincing peer to peer sales pitches, serious, energetic, informative, announcy, authoritative, confident, enthusiastic and convincing.
Edgy, sassy, spunky, argumentative, sarcastic, lazy, smart-alec.

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