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Ed Kelly Demos

Studio City, California, US

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Young Adult (18-35)
Sound Match Expert. Need a Walter White type? How about a \"Buzz\" from Tim Allen? Want to be \"King of the Hill,\" Bobby? Need more cowbell? How about a ride on a Crazy Train? I can imitate almost any Comic you can name. If he's just retired, selling pick ups, Having coffee with other comics, Bombastic Bushkin'z fave client, a former NFL Color Commentator, an expert on Rednecks, an Oscar winning director with a Persuasion for Asians, A Beverly HIlls Cop, a guy who can no longer \"Gaurantee\" you'll go to Men's Warhouse, a Governator, the Captain of a Starship, A Bear called 'Poo and his bouncy pal too, and any announcer from the Frontline guy to the football films Narrator. You'll find me uncannily accurate mostly.

I was \"drafted\" to the US by the American Comedy Network, where i was their principle Performer for twenty five years, performing and writing a plethora of characters, including politicians, celebrities, cartoon characters, original characters, assorted dialects. Everyone from the Pope to Popeye. I can \"voice match\" many people given the time and budget. If you need a read 'copped\" for a focus group or a test spot, yank my chain.