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Famous American - Icons - 1 by Kevin Wolf

Characters Impressions Amusing Animated Retro North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

This demo features famous, American Icons that Kevin can sound similar to. Kevin's only in his forties but he grew up listening to the best voices. Voices such as that of:

1. Walter Cronkite, 2 - Truman Capote, 3 - Doc Back to the future, 4 - Clint Eastwood, 5 - Sean Connery, 6 - Elvis, 7 - WC Fields, 8 - Wolf Man , 9 - Walter Brennan (unedited laugh), 10 - George Burns, 11 - H. G. Wells, 12 - Howard Cosell

Speaking of characters have you Google'd (Website hidden) yet?
Kick-start your day and go there and listen to the full length version of these guys.

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