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Kevin Wolf - Car Commercial "NUDGE" Ad - Local "Man On The Lot" Style

Guy Next Door Believable Conversational Folksy Friendly Genuine Happy Informative Motivational Retail

Voice Age
Middle Aged

Maybe all you need to get more customers on the lot or through your doors is to give them a NUDGE.

This demo features 9 different voice samples in the style of a "Man On The Lot", (aka "live remote") "NUDGE", (Natural, seemingly Unstructured, Distinct, Genuine, Enticing), ad.

This style of ad/commercial talks to; not at; the targeted audience and conveys a local, personal feel that is very effective at enticing people into going to the local dealership/business.

Working off of pure, seemingly unstructured, friendly, persuasion, by a voice/personality that becomes very familiar to the target audience; this style of ad, featured in this demo, helps the dealership's other "ad spots" really pay off by giving that "target audience" the "NUDGE" that gets them into the dealership/business where they become paying customers.

The local "nature" of this type of ad/commercial makes it best suited for local radio and as such, ONLY ONE, of any, of these 9 distinct, sounding, "VOICE personalities", (all voiced by Kevin Wolf), can be "assigned" TO A DEALERSHIP, IN ITS LOCAL MARKET, city or town; although any these "voice personalities" may be used in multiple/hundreds of markets/cities/towns across the US and beyond.

The local, "personal connection", "nature" of this type of ad/commercial is most effective when used by a dealership/business for a long duration because familiarity with the distinct, "voice personality" builds trust. Trust combined with a "local feel" and familiar, friendly, persuasion, can be pure, marketing dynamite that can drive customers into a dealership/business and boost sales.

This style of ad requires very little ad copy because Kevin provides the "lead in" and "exit" dialog to create a natural feel. The goal is to relax and create a sense of ease and desire rather than inform.

Call (Phone hidden) or email (Email hidden) If you have questions or would like to discuss having Kevin start a "Man On The Lot", "NUDGE" Ad campaign for your business.

Get a better return on your "ad dollar" investment by buying up to 24 voiced, "NUDGE" ads, (includes the writing and construction of the of the ad with "lead in" and "exit" dialog), for $1000.00 per month on a 6 month contact.

Please note: As mentioned, (Website hidden) only assigns one "voice personality", for a "Man On The Lot", "NUDGE" Ad, style ad per dealership/business, within that dealership's/businesses local market.

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