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Coppell, Texas, US

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The richest, craziest, most Garrison-obsessed valley girl in all of Uberwood, Janelle lives totally in her own world. She finds Garrison and Rand to be incredibly original trendsetters with a recklessly adventurous bum-chic edge. A master of current slang and a gifted texter, Janelle will talk anyone’s head off about her dramatic day 24-7…fo…shizzles. Janelle earned her riches by creating a wildly successful line of jewel-covered calculators called Calculated Bedazzlement, which she happily runs as founder and CEO. She lives in a giant pink and gold mansion with 10 Chihuahuas, 71 cell phones and 15 personal jets. She is eccentric, bold, and incredibly confident. If she doesn’t like you, she will sass you to within an inch of your life…but get on her good side, and she will be a gooey, grabby sweetheart. Janelle is extreme in both mind and shoe collection.

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