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Legion496 Voice acting demo

Announcer Characters Amusing Animated Booming Cartoon Conversational British North American US African American

Internet Video
English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

This voice demo uses voices from videogames mostly and some movie characters, also some accents. voices used are. Consuela (Family Guy), Bill Cosby, British Accent, Announcer Voice, Mario (super Mario brothers), Link (legend of Zelda), Wario (Super smash brothers), Sonic the Hedgehog, Captain Falcon (F-Zero), Yoshi (super Mario bros.), Dumb Arnold Schwarzenegger, Australian accent, Drill Sargent, Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), Stewie Griffin (Family Guy), Duke Newcomb, Intercom guy, Louis Armstrong, Cartman (Southpark), Noobish gamer with lisp accent, Foghorn Leghorn, Irish accent, Sean Connery, Jamaican accent, Beavis (Beavis and Butthead), Russian accent, Batman, Bane, Kermit the frog, Boston accent, Indian accent/ Apu (Simpsons), Barry Gibb (Bee gees), Smeegal (Lord of the rings), Ghetto Black guy, Girly reporter, George w Bush, Marcus (Gears of War), enthusiastic guy, Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, Jim Carry, Old man, Chris Farley, Peter Griffin (Family Guy).
This voice demo is old and I started doing it when I was making machinima but just recently finished. I apologies for language if it offends anyone. People who make machinima have a target audience which are gamers and they don't care about the language but its about how well you do the voice.

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