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Teenager Animated Authoritative Booming Cartoon Deadpan Narrator Romantic British North American

English (North American)
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Young Adult

This is a collection from various Audiobooks I have recorded professionally. The first is from my most recent professional book Hunter: The Silver Series Book 6 by Cheree Alsop. It is about a teenager growing up in a small farm town who is a werewolf, and for all his life he felt he was alone until more werewolves show up in his little town, at first he is happy there are others, than he realizes how dangerous other werewolves can be, but one female werewolf will definitely change his life forever. The second is another book I recorded for Cheree Alsop called Galdoni. It is another supernatural teen romance in this one there is this race of people called Galdoni who are genetically engineered to fight to the death to entertain the masses in old school style gladiatorial combat that is broadcast world wide. The main character is a teenager but who grew up in a very restrictive lifestyle where he was whipped, abused, and indoctrinated to believe it was all for honor. When the arena shuts down and all the Galdoni are released amongst the population Kale learns that life isn't as black and white as he once thought as he his introduced to his humanity little by little proving he was not just an animal bred to fight. The next is a Public Domain book Uncle Wiggily in the Woods by Howard R. Garis I recorded for Librivox. It shows off my ability to have fun childish cartoon voices and narrate a children's story. Then we have two excerpts from my first two books I recorded professionally. Dreamweaver: Enslavement, and Dreamweaver Despair. The author is a huge fan of Animes and requested I do crazy over the top Anime voices. Finally Closure by Kyle W. Russell is a book about Samuel, a Teenager who grows up in a broken home and becomes a professional Hitman devoid of human emotion. The author asked me to play it cold and detached so that is exactly what I did in this sample, later in the book Samuel discovers he does still have a shred of humanity left so gradually and slowly through the course of the book I go from gold and detached to slowly but surely breathing a little warmth and humanity back into his character.

Closure, Dreamweaver Enslavement, Dreamweaver Despair, Galdoni, and Hunter are all available to purchase on (Website hidden) and (Website hidden)

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