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Cannabis Voice Overs
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Cannabis Voice Overs

Miami, Florida, US

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Cannabis Voice Overs

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Cannabis Voice Overs

  Miami, Florida, US

Cannabis Telephone Demo

Calming Caring Conversational Corporate Informative Professional Retail Softspoken Soothing Warm North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

World's First Cannabis Voice Over Service demonstrates wide range of cannabis related business telephone prompts, and marijuana on-hold messages. From smooth and suave, to upbeat and friendly, to upscale and sophisticated, Cannabis Voice Overs is the perfect solution for your marijuana marketing needs! With Cannabis Voice Overs any business can sound like a Fortune 500 Company, without paying a fortune!

Cannabis a.k.a.: marijuana, weed, herb, grass, ganja, spliff, blunt, reefer, Kush, dabbing, hemp, THC, CBD, vape, vaporize, medicated, THC infused, concentrate, tincture, wax, hash, hashish.

Cannabis Industry a.k.a. Marijuana Industry, Medical Marijuana, Adult Use Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana, The Green Rush, Green Goodness, Marijuana Movement, Pro-Legalization, Pro-Decriminalization, Pro-Pot Campaign. Green Revolution.

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