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Kamran Nikhad
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Kamran Nikhad

San Jose, California, US

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Kamran Nikhad

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Kamran Nikhad

  San Jose, California, US

Character Reel [2012]

Bully Animated Authoritative Cartoon Conversational Deep Friendly Gravelly Raspy North American US African American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Kamran's 2012 Character, showcasing his vocal and emotional range:

Characters in this demo:
Beastly, Gravelly Monster
Confused, Goofy, Young Man
Malevolent, Low Speaking Terrorist
Charismatic Revolutionary
Scared, Nerdy Teenager
Confident, Foolish Jock
Determined, Yelling Soldier
Flabbergasted, Scared, African American Man
Ominous, Eerie Villain
Uncertain, Young Hero-To-Be
Loving, Elderly Father
Southern, Deep Voiced Criminal

Age range:
Teen (16-18)
Young Man (20-35)
Middle Aged (Late 40's-Mid 50's)
Senior (65-80)
Beastly, Authoritative, Deep Voiced, Goofy, Scary, Evil, Nerdy, Teenager, Friendly, Informative, Confident, Caring, Young Man, Old Man, Senior Citizen, African American, British, Middle Eastern, Natural, Calm, Warm.

Markets: Video Games, Cartoons, Animations, Audiobooks, Children's Books, YouTube, Anime

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