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Ilari Hoevenaars

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL

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Ilari Hoevenaars

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Ilari Hoevenaars


Ilari as William of Orange in the computer game Civilization

Impressions Superhero Authoritative Ominous Political Pompous Royal Sophisticated Strong Tough Dutch

Voice Age
Middle Aged

Widely considered both founder and liberator of the Netherlands, William (1533 AD - 1584 AD), Prince of Orange, also known as "William the Silent," led a successful rebellion in the mid-16th century against the Spanish Habsburg Dynasty who held dominion over the Dutch Low Countries. Once the loyal servant of King Philip II of Spain, William eventually became the most prominent leader of the rebellion, as his growing distaste for the continued Spanish persecution of Dutch Protestants came to a head. Rallying his fellow noblemen to the cause, William became an outlaw in the eyes of the Spanish monarch and led the Dutch forces in a number of successful battles against the king before falling to an assassin's bullet in 1584.

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