Aleksander Grabar

St.-Petersburg, RU

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Aleksander Grabar

Category Business
Language Russian
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description This example is a presentation of my voice. This audio cutting consists of my voice executed fragments. These audio pieces are from different projects for different customers. This example describes the possibilities of my voice (far from all). Various tone, mood, sounds, emotions ...

In general, listen to the end. It will be very helpful, if next time making an order, you specify a fragment of this cutting (or another example from my portfolio), if it is an approximation to the way you need to execute.

Intonations, moods and emotions that are present in this passage:

1. Thoughtful voiceover.
2. A low voice acting of the Santa Claus role for Christmas.
3. Pronunciation with funny squeaky voice of the Christmas fawn.
4. Warm and fairytale voice of the narrator in the audio book.
5. The narrative voice of the announcer in the audio book on financial topics.
6. Soulful, lyrical and tragic voiceover.
7. Energetic pronunciation of the company slogan.
8. Mystical voice in commercials and information announcer voice.
9. Voice acting of informational commercials and positive voice of middle age person.
10. Confident wealthy voice - audio commercial for financial companies.
11. Young, energetic voice in the clip about dancing sport.
12. Slogan for the automobile company - confidently, self-sufficiently.
13. Pronunciation the company slogan with trusted voice.
14. Stern voice - notification customers in the store.
15. Gala voice - the announcement of pop event.
16. Voice acting of stylish commercials with various effects.
17. Scary, frightening voice in commercials.
18. Voice acting of a documentary film about the Great Patriotic War with glorifying and respectful voice.
19. Welcome message by phone (IVR) with friendly voice with a smile.
20. Voice greetings by phone (IVR) with strict, formal tone.
21. A very strictly adult voice greeting (IVR) from the bank.
22. Neutral middle-aged man's voice in the office voicemail greeting (IVR).
23. Status voiceover (fear, fall, jump).
24. Singing in the commercial with very cheeky, unbridled voice.
25. The representative voice of a real inspector - representative of the security forces.
26. Convincing, alive, interesting voice in the selling animated video.
27. Admiring with inspired voice - the story of the financial Internet service.
28. Presentable voice in the corporate video.
29. Voiceover acting in the documentary film with a neutral announcer voice.
30. Pathos, wide voice in a large corporate, presentation film for a major international company.
31. Voiceover in the video – voice acting of text, in which there are many specific terms about laboratory experiments.
32. Voiceover in Russian – the tone of head of the company in the corporate video.