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Kim Handysides

Montreal, CA Status: Jan 8-Jan 15 2018
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Kim Handysides

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Status: Jan 8-Jan 15 2018

Kim Handysides

  Montreal, CA

Awards Gala

Announcer Aristocrat Boss Executive Judge Authoritative Classy Commanding Confident Forceful Over The Top Professional Sincere Smooth Sophisticated North American US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes) US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

A segment from an Awards Gala announcing recipient of the 2014 Sarah Carey Award in Washington D.C.
Kim has been the emcee (Master of Cermonies) for countless special events for non-profit organizations, annual company events, guilds and associations.

Professional conversational genuine believable announcer executive spokesperson alpha male or female as it were
Friendly genuine warm informative upbeat knowledgeable confident engaging inspirational everyman mother narrator

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