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Arcadia Raye Demos

Chicago, Illinois, US

Character Demo

English (North American)
Eight different character voices. Custom script.

1. Clever, cool: \"I see. What we need is... a plan. If we want to make it out of here alive, we need to do more than just a little trial and error. Are you with me?\"

2. Shy, cute: \"O-oh, um... y-you came after all. You... got my n-note? I really wasn't expecting you to show up for... someone like me...\"

3. Passionate, urgent: \"I know, I know! I'm sorry I lied to you, but I had to protect you, and I need to protect you again now! That's why I need you to believe in me... please!\"

4. Caring, empathetic: \"To be honest, I like you just the way you are! It wouldn't be fair to have to change yourself just to please others, right?\"

5. Deceptive, cunning: \"Ha! After all this time... you've finally uncovered the truth about the Genesis Project. No matter... you're too late to stop me now! Genesis Zero, I command thee! DESTROY THEM!\"

6. Frustrated, childish: \"How many times do I have to tell you?! That's too many suitcases! You ALWAYS bring too many suitcases!! Urrrggggh, we're never gonna make it to the airport on time!\"

7. Seductive, alluring: \"Well, hello~! What brings a cute kid like you to this part of town? Lost your mommy~?\"

8. Cold, robotic: \"Self-destruct activated. Commencing detonation sequence. Please evacuate the facility immediately.\"